Burstow Parish Council

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Village Gallery

Art Garden

Art Garden

Fitness Area

Art Garden

Art Garden

Covid Memorial Bench

Art Garden - Woollen Perennial

Indoor Bowls

Dancing at the Centenary Hall

Cake Stall - Yum

Conductor at work

Crown Jewels

Opening Scene

Face Painting

Face Painting

Face Painting

Royal Flower Garden

Soft Soldiers

Looking on

On Guard

Raffle Stall



Coronation Cake Stand

'Jubilee Roses' by Linda

Coronation - Having a larf

Coronation - Getting going

Coronation - Mark my words

Coronation - This one please

Coronation Ice cream

Coronation - Windmill Songmen

Coronation - Decoration

Coronation - Getting dizzy

Coronation - Enjoying the sunshine

Coronation Juggler

Coronation - more cake - yum

Coronation - I want the big piece!

Coronation - going home...

Coronation Party dress

Coronation - Staff hard at work!

Coronation - Face painting OK

Coronation - Great music

Art Garden Spring 2024