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Flood Actions Group

To raise your concerns about flooding issues or ask questions about the activities of the Flood Action Group please contact the Parish clerk.

Waste water issues - Thames water - report a problem - click here

Highway flooding and blocked drains - Surrey County Council - report a problem - click here

What is the Flood Action Group?

A group of local community members whose role is to identify and prioritise the many flooding problems across the Parish area, and liaise with and encourage the various Flood Risk Management Authorities to undertake the drainage work that is necessary to resolve these flooding problems.
To achieve this the Group is supported by the National Flood Forum which is a charity organisation to help, support and represent people at risk of flooding.

Main Focus of Activities

Strategic - to work with the various Flood Risk Management Authorities to achieve the implementation of the:-
  • Smallfield Flood Alleviation Scheme
  • Upgrading of Pump Station Facilities
Drainage Network - to encourage the Flood Management and Drainage Authorities to repair, maintain and improve drainage in areas of known flooding, with an initial focus on those problems causing flooding risks to properties and safety concerns.

Ditches - to support and encourage the owners (including riparian ownership) of open and piped ditches to repair, clean and maintain their ditches. Including working with local contractors to arrange machinery and provide a service to undertake ditch maintenance.

Local Planning - to provide local knowledge on drainage matters to guide the preparation of the Neighbourhood Plan.

Who are the Flood Risk Management Authorities?

The following Authorities to help resolve the flooding problems are:
  • The Environment Agency
  • Thames Water
  • Surrey County Council
  • Highways England
  • Tandridge District Council
  • Reigate & Banstead Borough Council


After extensive work throughout Smallfield and Burstow over many years, village volunteers have dwindled so no meetings have been held for a couple of years, but help is still here, please contact the Parish clerk who can put you in contact with the relevant people.

History of Smallfield and Burstow Flood Action Group

The first multi-agency meeting (called a MAM which is attended by representatives of the Flood Risk Management Authorities) was held on the 28th March 2018, and a further meeting was held on the 15th June 2018. These have been constructive and encouraging meetings with a number of actions agreed by the Flood Risk Management Authorities to investigate and address a wide range of flooding issues across Burstow and Smallfield.
The attachments summarise the issues raised and the actions agreed at these meetings and the discussions at Community Residents meetings.

Click to view notes from the latest meetings:-
Community Residents meeting minutes - 15th June 2018 here
Multi-Agency Meeting minutes - 15th June 2018 here
Multi-Agency Meeting Priority Questions List
Priority Ditch Maintenance List
Surrey County Council Walk Over Report

Multi-Agency Meeting minutes