Practice health champions

Practice health champions


What are Practice Health Champions?

Practice Health Champions are a group of community members who are working with the doctors and other staff of the Smallfield Surgery to support and improve the services that the practice offers.


In addition they are developing and leading a number of activities that are sponsored by the Smallfield Surgery to improve the health and wellbeing of patients and all members of the community. These activities are intended to create opportunities and benefits for the wider community and contribute to a sense of community spirit.


Community Activities

Some of the activities currently being considered include:

  • wellbeing classes
  • surgery reception support
  • mum's group
  • outdoor exercise group
  • walking group
  • musical interests
  • computer
  • smart phone assistance (including support with wifi and home equipment set up)
  • coffee meetings.

Details of these and further activities will be posted as the ideas are progressed from planning to reality.



Timebanking Scheme

The Practice Health Champions activities are complementary to the Timebanking Scheme which is also sponsored and is being coordinated by the Smallfield Surgery.


How the scheme works - A Timebank member can choose to give an hour of their time for example taking an older person to the local shops, and in return can spend that hour earned on anything which other members are offering, perhaps receiving help with gardening, IT support or companionship. It is up to each member how much time they put in or take out of the Timebank.





Practice health champions

A two day training and launch workshop involving the community Practice Health Champions plus doctors and staff from Smallfield Surgery was held on the 5th & 6th April.

An activities planning meeting was subsequently held on the 16th April to develop the ideas and community initiatives.


Timebanking Scheme

An initial community presentation will be held on the 25th April, at 12:30 in the Smallfield Surgery, and a launch event will take place in May.