Neighbourhood Alert
15th June 2018


Tandridge Beat officers dealt with a rather distressing report of a particularly aggressive Nottingham Knocker in Park Road, Caterham, at about 11am on Wednesday 6th June. He left the elderly couple in a distressed state and by the time they got round to calling us, 'Chummy' was well gone!

We have also recently been operating in Burstow. These individuals can be a real nuisance and can cause fear and intimidation.

When they tell you that they are on any type of 'Rehabilitation Scheme'; please be assured that this is absolutely untrue. Whatever their sob storey its not true.

There are no nationally accredited projects anywhere in the UK for 'reformed offenders' that authorises, causes or permits, this form of door to door selling.

It's a scam.


They will show you an 'authorisation card'. It's a scam. They've made it themselves.

Surrey Police's advice to you is quite unusual in this. If an individual turns up at your door and is polite and goes away when told. They still want to know that they are operating in your street. So that's a 101 call or report it online, just to give Surrey Police the heads up.

Any form of bad behaviour by them and it causes you distress; then that's a 999 call. The Police take any take any form of threatening or intimidating behaviour as a matter to deal with promptly.

As for the unfortunate couple in Park Road, Caterham; the incident number is 45180059462, if you have any information.


This was just of one 'scams' discussed at the Tandridge Neighbourhood Watch Semimar which a team of Smallfield Coordinators attend last month. Mark Howell's our Crime Prevention Officer also gave us valuable information regarding other scams.

'Don't give your card details to anyone who cold calls by phone or via the internet saying they are your bank or friend or relative in trouble abroad.'

'If they ask you to call the number they give you it's fake only call the number on your bank card or bank statement. They can also leave the line open and eaves drop on your conversation with your bank.

BT and some other phone service providers offer free equipment, caller ID or baring services. Please call or visit your providers website for further information.

If your road is in one of the Smallfield Neighbourhood Watch schemes your coordinator has access to cold calling and telephone scam stickers. The old blue one's are obsolete.


There are fake DVLA, Passport Office, travel visa websites. Please double check that you are logged into a .gov website. Some of the scam sites are very realistic.


There have been several incidents of 'Post Box Dipping' in the area. Post is stolen from a post box which gives the thief your personal details. They then apply for a Credit Card in your name. They know roughly how long the card and pin number takes to arrive, to revisit and collect. They then go on a spending spree used it mainly abroad to purchase expensive goods. The first you will know about it is when you receive the card statement for many thousands of pounds. So please ensure your letter box is secure, that it has a slot too small for a hand or an anti- tamper device.