Burstow School Hedge
15th February 2018

Update - Unfortunately the fence has been positioned so close to the pavement that the Parish Council's offer to plant vegetation in front is no longer viable. We also note that the fence is 2.0m high and not 1.8m as previously advised.

Last Friday the Parish Council was saddened to hear a Tree Surgeon's report, commissioned by the School, into the status of the hedge stated that the bottom third of the hedge was dying.


Burstow School explained that, due to health and safety obligations, they were left with no option but to remove a section of the hedge, from the entrance, reaching around the corner of Wheelers Lane and into Redehall Road.


This hedge has been part of the streetscene of Smallfield for over many years, and we all enjoy the view, and appreciate the important part the hedge plays in our local ecosystem.


The loss of the hedge, and the new fence the School is erecting will have a negative impact on many. In an effort to reduce the prominent, and unwanted, view of a fence, the Parish Council is looking to provide a small grant. This will be used to re-plant appropriate vegetation in front of the fence.


We intend to take advice from the Tandridge Tree Officer about what to plant and hope that very quickly the fence will be covered from view at the same time as it complies with the School's H&S requirements.