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15 February 2018 - Burstow School Hedge


Update - Unfortunately the fence has been positioned so close to the pavement that the Parish Council's offer to plant vegetation in front is no longer viable. We also note that the fence is 2.0m high and not 1.8m as previously advised.



Last Friday the Parish Council was saddened to hear a Tree Surgeon's report, commissioned by the School, into the status of the hedge stated that the bottom third of the hedge was dying.


Burstow School explained that, due to health and safety obligations, they were left with no option but to remove a section of the hedge, from the entrance, reaching around the corner of Wheelers Lane and into Redehall Road.


This hedge has been part of the streetscene of Smallfield for over many years, and we all enjoy the view, and appreciate the important part the hedge plays in our local ecosystem.


The loss of the hedge, and the new fence the School is erecting will have a negative impact on many. In an effort to reduce the prominent, and unwanted, view of a fence, the Parish Council is looking to provide a small grant. This will be used to re-plant appropriate vegetation in front of the fence.


We intend to take advice from the Tandridge Tree Officer about what to plant and hope that very quickly the fence will be covered from view at the same time as it complies with the School's H&S requirements.



15 February 2018 - Dowlands Park Development Leaflet


It has come to our attention that the applicant for Dowlands Park (to build 88 houses in the Green Belt) has written to all residents in the Parish, to our District Councillors and to Parish Councillors.


The leaflet distributed by the applicant implies that the Parish Council is supporting this development and that the concerns we raised on behalf of residents have been addressed. Neither of these things is true.


Burstow Parish Council carefully scrutinised the submitted planning application and has unequivocally opposed the application. The Parish Council has submitted a robust set of comments to the District Council demonstrating why this application should not be given consent.


Our arguments to the District Council included:



See full article


24 January 2018 - M23 SMART Motorway - Plans


M23 junctions 8 to 10: smart motorway


Upgrading the 11 mile (18km) stretch of the M23 near Gatwick Airport, between junction 8 near Merstham and junction 10 at Copthorne, to an all-lane running smart motorway.


See information re Smart Motorways on the Highways agency website



23 January 2018 - Redehall Road Car park TA/2017/2528


For quite a while now there has been insufficient parking in Smallfield, especially around school opening and closing times. Several accidents have happened and numerous near misses.


The Parish Council, working in collaboration with Burstow School, have submitted a planning application to build a 55-bay car park along the front section of the School's playing field on Redehall Road.

To help avoid confusion over detail we have put together the following list to answer some questions. You are also welcome to contact the Parish Clerk on either 01342 841 880 or burstowpc@btconnect.com if you would like any more information


- The car park will only occupy the front section and not reduce the space that is actually used for sport

- The car park will be free and have no time restriction

- It will be fenced off and locked each night

- A height restrictor will prevent the car park being used by vans/lorries

- Low level solar lighting will illuminate the way without lighting up the village

- A new fence will be built separating the car park from the playing field

- Burstow School will ask staff who are currently parking on the streets to use the new car park. This will take approximately 22 vehicles off the road each school day




12 January 2018 - TA/2017/2489 - Land at Dowlands Lane, Smallfield


At the Planning Meeting on Tuesday 9th January the Committee considered the application to build 88 dwellings at the junction of Plough Road and Dowlands Lane.

Members of the public had attended an open meeting the previous night at the Centenary Hall where they had an opportunity to address both Burstow and Horne Parish Councils and make their feelings about the application known.

Following careful consideration of the application Burstow PC submitted the following comment.


See full article


22 December 2017 - Flood Forum


Flood Forum


Our questions are being submitted to the relevant authorities with a meeting to be held with them all Feb/Mar date yet to be decided.


The newly formed Flood Forum is supported by the National Flood Forum, a Charity that supports and represents flood risk communities.


The national Flood forum takes questions from local residents and puts them to the relevant authorities, those authorities are then invited to a meeting all at the same time along with the flood forum to answer the questions raised.


The idea is that a community working together has more influence than a member of the public working alone.


If you have a question to be raised by the Forum please email the Parish Clerk or come along to the next meeting.




21 December 2017 - Learn Through Play Preschool


"Learn Through Play Preschool is committed to providing a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment for children ages 2 to 4 where they can learn through play. We offer high quality, affordable childcare with rates of 1 adult to 4 children.


Our OFSTED inspection March 2017 resulted in a 'GOOD' outcome, reflecting on the dedication and support offered by the staff.


See full article


12 December 2017 - M23 SMART lanes


You may be aware that Highways England are proposing to start works next year to change the M23 from the junction with the M25 through to Crawley turning this stretch into a 'Smart' motorway like the stretch on the M25 from Godstone junction to the M26, this will entail modification the the stretch that passes through the village.



12 December 2017 - The Neighbourhood Plan


The Neighbourhood Plan is important

Don't miss the opportunity to give your views.


Open Day on Saturday 16th December at Centenary Hall




Your Village is Changing


Have Your Say About How it Changes


Burstow Parish Council is leading the preparation of a Neighbourhood Plan that will help define the future of our area and how it will change. Your views as a community are key to its success.


Please come along


See full article


31 March 2017 - Annual Parish Meeting 2017



Thursday 6th April 2017


Centenary Hall, 7/7.30pm


Come and hear about the

Hall refurbishment

See the New Community Art Garden & Get involved with the Neighbourhood Plan

Find out what the Council has done for the past year!


All welcome!