Cafe Nearu



The Parish Council are proud to announce the much needed and requested community space, somewhere for residents to meet friends for coffee and a chat at Cafe Nearu in the Community Room in Centenary hall.


You will find a self serve vending machine, serving hot drinks such as coffee (americano, latte etc), hot chocolate priced at £1 and 50p for tea, there is also a vending machine with various snacks and cold drinks to chose from, all priced individually with tables and chairs for up to 24 with more if needed.


Would you be interested in forming a weekly/monthly group, a Mum at a lose end after school drop off or a homeworker who wants to just get away from your screen for an hour or maybe your interested in books and want to form a book club. The choice is yours, speak to Jeannie



Apple & Cor!

Are taking over the Cafe every Friday 08:30am - 4:30pm

Serving cooked breakfast, brunch and lunch at great prices


Evening events


1st event is Friday 14th February - come and celebrate Valentine's day

To Book a table phone: 07808338466


Apple & Cor! website





Please print out and use to advertise the cafe

A5 Leaflet

A3 Poster




Opening Hours


Cafe Nearu will be open daily during normal hall opening times.


Please check the timetable on the pin board in the Community room for special group meeting times.